Friday, March 20, 2009


it has been about a year since i decided to do photography as business and it certainly seems to be 'growing' nicely as i am in the middle of my busiest month yet! i would say 90% of my clients come to me because of a friend's recommendation. not only is this wonderful for business but i also take it as a huge compliment, because it means my clients are pleased with the work i have done for them. i am so appreciative of them for passing my name along!

one of my past clients recently called to ask if i could do some photos for a family member visiting from queensland. of course we had to get some shots of the two babies together and i just love how they turned out. as you would expect, there are many shots where one is rolling away, looking the other direction, climbing on top of the other etc. etc. but those ones will still be fun for the scrapbook. these are two of my favorites! =)

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