Wednesday, April 15, 2009


one of the things i love to do with photos is create greeting cards. i started doing this for myself because i thought it would be nicer to send a card with a photo of my own child on it rather than someone else's and also to save money - by including the photo on the card i didn't feel obligated to order extra prints to include in the card!

as with making collages, i love making cards because the possibilities are endless! they look so great printed out and i like to think that the recipient loves to have something so special.

i can make a card for any occasion, in any style, in a varety of sizes and layouts, using any photo or even artwork! the cards i have included here have all been printed as 4x6 photos, but i also make 5x7 photos, traditional half-fold cards with a message printed on the inside, and postcard styles with a message on the back. these are just a few of the recent ones i have done, closer to christmas i will post many examples of christmas cards to get you thinking... =)

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