Wednesday, July 1, 2009

your favorite photos | my play

thanks to those 'fans' who sent in some of their favorite snapshots. i have been having a play and thought i would share a few of them with you.

this photo was pretty excellent to start with and i loved that pop of red, so i just erased the letters on his jacket, and the arm holding up his head, and then zoomed in a little closer, keeping in mind rule-of-thirds to line up his eyes in the top third of the photo.

this is a sweet photo of mom and baby. here, i erased out the plates etc. behind their heads, turned the photo into a vanilla black and white so that the red top wouldn't distract from those happy faces, and then zoomed in close.

this is such a gorgeous family shot. i used a mocha black and white to enhance that dreamy feel and i lightened up a couple of the darker areas on dad's head and dog's face. then i erased the seam that was in the background behind baby's head. i liked the way it was composed off centre so i zoomed in but tried to keep the original sense of composition.

i hope you have enjoyed my play. i have a few more that i will be posting soon, and will have another photo call in the coming weeks, so stay tuned =)

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  1. They look Great Karen. Your a wizz with photoshop!