Tuesday, December 29, 2009

logos and names

yes, i am still trying to decide on my business name. after my previous post, the overwhelming vote was for keeping 'zoom' but i am still undecided. part of me thinks it is easier to keep it. part of me wants to start fresh with something new. the only problem is i am completely stumped when it comes to a fresh, new name that represents what i do! the other issue is choosing a name that will be free as a domain name. so for this, part of me that thinks i should just use my own name since it is easy and available. i have to decide soon though as i am ready to begin the relaunch!!

here are some ideas i have been playing around with for a logo. regardless of the name i choose there are 3 elements to a logo: font, colour and shape. a logo should look good in both colour and black and white, and it should be versatile so that it fits both long across a letterhead or in a small box such as a business card. i will also need to use my logo as a watermark on my photos - so i would like park of it to stand alone and it is helpful if it looks good as both dark on light, and the reverse light on dark.

do you need a new logo? here is my favorite 'logo design' blog:

let me know what you like and dislike about my ideas so far!! and thanks for joining me on this journey =)

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