Thursday, January 21, 2010

making "executive decisions" is such a power trip!

family shots used to be the hardest part of my photography sessions. like, i really dreaded them. a lot. and then i would spend hours after the fact trying to fix up the photo make it look just perfect: 5 happy faces all looking directly at the camera without that fake smile look. gah! when you work with squirmy babies, tempermental toddlers, and self conscious adults it is pretty daunting to get that perfect, traditional, posed family photo. (big kudos to those of you who have mastered this. i bow at your feet.)

the thing is, every time i went to edit those family sessions i was drawn to the 'outtakes'; you know, those candid, relaxed, silly, sweet, real moments in between all the posing and 'cheese'ing. i spent all my time editing the traditional, posey ones i thought families wanted but what i really loved were the candid ones! so i started taking more of those. and showing families more of those. and i think a lot of people like those ones better too.

so i have made an executive decision. (and since i am the only one here, i get to do that.) no more traditional, posed, "smile-and-say-cheese" family photos for this girl. if that is the type of photo that you love, then i encourage you to find a photographer that will capture that beautifully. but for me, i am sticking to the 'outtakes' =)

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