Tuesday, October 13, 2009

photo call | christmas cards

yes, i know it is "only october". but i promise, it is time to start thinking about christmas cards. by the time you choose a photo, choose a card design, decide what you want your card to say, and wait for them to get printed... it will be time to for you put them in the post!

the good news is that i do all of the hard work for you - i can even include a message on the inside of the card so all you have to do is write an address on envelope! and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN AUSTRALIA to order your christmas cards from me. i will post them to you where ever you are in the world. all you need to do is email the photo(s) you would like to be used for your christmas card.

over the next few days i will be sharing some of the cards i made last year so that you can see how wonderful they look and get some ideas for your own card. in the mean time, i want to try out a few new designs as well as show everyone how i can take any one of your favorite digital photos and turn it into a wonderful christmas keepsake.

so this is a PHOTO CALL! send me a favorite digital photo of your family/kids/pets/vacation/child's artwork/view from your window etc. etc. - really, any photo you like! i will choose a few of them to use in my christmas card examples and post them here for everyone to admire.

send your photos to karen.zoomdesigns@gmail.com

and stay tuned for some fantastic christmas card ideas =)

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