Thursday, October 22, 2009

sneak peek | ella bean

my baby just turned 5. where does the time go? ella has always been my favorite subject and she is always so good to me when i say "ella, can i just try one thing?" she runs off and gets all dressed up and ready for her photographs. this time, i had a hard time convincing her that she should not wear the hot pink fluffy, feathery tiara she came out in. we compromised that a pink head band would match better. and yes, she did let me try a few new things!

i asked her if she would be brave enough to stand in the cutout window of our lounge room wall. of course she was and we had a lot of fun. this is sized to fit a 9x20 inch frame.

when i was in canada i saw a tall, narrow, framed close-up that i thought was fantastic. i have been wanting to try it out, so i cropped this one to fit a 9x20 frame as well. can't wait to see how it looks!

i recently moved my studio space into our front lounge that has this fantastic chocolate feature wall. i have been wanting to see how this looks as a backdrop for portraits. i think it will be nicest in colour, lovely and warm.

happy birthday to my big girl. and thanks for always being such a beautiful and willing subject =)

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