Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a time for change

this is what occupies my mind right now, day and night. making changes to my business. my head is swimming with information from my research into pricing, marketing and branding. when i close my eyes i think about logos and websites. i dream of change.

when i started this business, it was truly an experiment. i didn't start out as a photographer, i started out as a digital scrapbooker! that grew to an interest in photography. and that grew to friends of friends asking "how much does she charge?" turns out that i absolutely love photography, i still love designing portraits, collages and cards, and i also really love doing this as a home business. but it is time to make some changes. it is time to grow this business from a hobby into a career.

i will still be offering the same friendly, relaxed service and amazing, affordable products that my customers have come to expect. but i need to make some changes to my business that reflect those quality services and products. what changes are we talking about here?
- i will be makes some changes to my pricing, the structure of my sessions and the products i offer
- i need a new website - desperately!
- i am considering changing my logo and possibly my name

it is all very exciting, and yes, a little overwhelming.

do you have a home business? what do you sell? have you done the website design, logo design, marketing etc. all by yourself or have you hired professional services? do you have favorite blogs/websites/books that have helped you along the way? what are they? i would love to hear about your experiences and the sites you follow when you need advice.

here are a couple of favorite sites of mine. if you have or are thinking of starting your own small business these blogs are 'must-visit':

please share your experiences and favorites in the comments section. and if you know of anyone in the business of web design, logo design, small business advice... let me know! =)

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