Tuesday, November 24, 2009

what do i do?

so, as i have mentioned, i am in a period of transition. i have been thinking about my business brand and working on ideas for restructuring and growing. i could use your help with something.

i am working on defining and highlighting the 2 aspects to my business: photography + design.

the design portion of my business is what gives me my distinctive style; it is what makes me unique and i hope why people want to hire me. my style comes from my beginnings as a digital scrapbooker. i like to add funky borders, sweet fonts and beautiful quotes to my portraits, as well as children's names and ages. i like to create custom-made, personalized portraits, collages and cards that really evoke an emotional response in my clients.

here are some examples of what i do. so, why do it i do it?

sometimes i see a photo and i actually hear the lyrics of a favorite, sweet song in my head.

"with arms wide open. we'll show you love, we'll show you everything" ~ creed

"how long do you want to be loved? is forever enough, is forever enough?" ~ dixie chicks

"this love is like nothing i have ever known" ~ don henley

sometimes it is a quote or saying that i think of as soon as i see a photo, or sometimes even as i am taking the photos.

"your eyes are an ocean in which your dreams are reflected"

"to them, the name brother is is another name for love"

"you are more perfect than we could have hoped, more beautiful than we could have dreamed and more precious than we could have imagined. we love you more than we could have known"

i want to highlight a certain feeling associated with a special time in a family's life. these are moments that we never get back, yet want to remember always.

for me the combination of the photo + the design elements that i add create something more than a simple portrait. i want to help people preserve their cherished memories.

so that is why i do it. now i am trying to put into words exactly what it is i do. can you help? how do i describe my unique style? how do i describe the way i add the design elements to create unique portraits?

what words come to mind when you see what i do?
do any of the words here make you think - "aha! that's it!"?

~embelish, adorn, decorate, enhance, trim
~accessory, garnish, ornament, decoration, frills, flourish
~highlight, preserve, articulate, convey, commemorate, engrave

in a phrase, how would you describe what i do?
here are some ideas i am playing with for a tagline. any ideas?

~a play on ordinary vs extraordinary:
eg 'turn ordinary photos into extraordinary memories'
~or maybe something along lines of 'highlight the moments of your life'
(but that isn't quite right - too cheesy)
~i am also thinking of the word 'bling' or a similar word that is kind of playful and fun
can you think of one?

please add your comments below. it truly helps me to get some outside ideas. and honestly, the thesaurus function on my computer could use a break. =)

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