Friday, November 13, 2009

what's in a name?

as i have mentioned, i am in the midst of working on my business brand and structure. since i am going to build a new website anyways, i am thinking about changing my logo and possibly even my name.

this is what i was just reading over at about business names:

"Hate it like, embarrassed to say it out loud? Or just sick of it? If the former, change it. If the latter, think about how branded the name already is. If it’s very stuck in people’s memory then tough shit, you gotta keep it. Coke doesn’t just up and change over to Muhtar’s Tasty Fizz because Muhtar is bored.

If nobody knows or cares your business name because they just know you by your name, then by all means, cross the floor and change ‘er up. Also, do some poking around to find out if they like the existing name as in, they think you’d be retarded to change it, or if they like it as in, yeah, it’s pretty cool but they’re not quivering with joy."

so i think i fall into the catagory where most people here in australia know me as "that canadian girl who does the photos, you know... karen." and my friends and family know me as "you know that photography thing karen is doing. she makes cool christmas cards". in other words, i don't think the name 'ZOOMdesigns' has really registered with anyone. which is kinda pathetic actually. so now is the time to decide if it stays or if it goes, before i build this business any further. i don't hate the name, but i am not sure if it is right for me either.

there are really 2 aspects to my business: photography + design. we came up with the name ZOOMdesigns because we thought it was catchy and it represented both aspects (zoom as in camera zoom, get it?) and because most photographers use their name for their business but the name 'gunton' doesn't exactly role off the tongue (sorry jimbo). my new website is going to focus on those 2 aspects of photography + design and i want my name to do so as well.

so this is the part where i am doing the 'poking around'. we can call it market research, if that will make you participate. and i really really want you to participate. if you are reading this you are either one of my clients, a potential client, or a friend/family member whose opinion i respect and who i am trying to encourage to order my fabulous custom made christmas cards. your opinion matters so please help me out!

what do YOU think of my business name:

a. keep the name 'ZOOMdesigns'. it rocks!!

b. keep the zoom part because it rocks, but make it 'zoom photography + design'

c. use your name: eg. 'kg photography + design' or 'kareng photography + design' or 'karen gunton photography + design'

d. both 'zoom' and your name are totally lame - you need to come up with something better!

e. some other opinion which i am very happy for you to vocalize in the comments. bring it on, i want your complete honesty!

(ps - i am not going to worry about the logo until i have decided on the name. maybe we can have another poll when i get to that stage!)

if you are reading on my blog site there is a poll on the right. if you are reading on facebook i will link to the poll so it is easy to find. or you can just comment below. thanks for participating =)

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  1. I was just going through the exact same thing! I read somewhere that the advantage of using your name is the personal connection to your product, like you said noone is really connecting ZOOMdesigns to you, Karen, the photographer. People come to Karen because they want Karen to take their pictures etc. so therefore your name would stick. That is why most photographer's use their name - they are branding themselves. Having said that ... I was not even loving JoAnne Timms Photography (lame) I became Sugarwave Photography. Really - it all came down to surfing and the fact that I love my business name!

    So that wasn't really helpfull was it! I guess my vote is for loving the name ....